Street Art at OSE’s Café des Psaumes for the France-Israel Cross Season


Opened in 2010 by OSE, in the historical heart of the Jewish district in Paris, the Café des Psaumes is open to everyone, especially to seniors who wish to meet up with friends, the Café thus helping alleviate their isolation.

The public of the Café enjoys an extensive program of activities (film screenings, conferences etc.) in a warm atmosphere.

October 2018 was marked by three specific highlights:

> on October 3rd, the Israeli street artist, Pesh, conducted a workshop with the teenagers of Luzarches children’s home. On the same day, the artist created a mural on the metal curtain of the Café des Psaumes.

> on October 7th, another Tel Aviv artist, Pilpeled, painted a mural on a truck in front of the Café des Psaumes. A much colorful show!

> finally, on October 8th, the Café des Psaumes was happy to welcome the Israeli and French artists who participated in the Neo Muralis project, for the opening of a joint exhibition of their Street Art works.