COVID – 19 : the OSE mobilizes its resources in order to ensure the continuity of its actions.

Confronted with the Covid-19 pandemic, OSE has taken the measure of the unprecedented situation our country is facing at the moment, as much for the persons we’re supporting every day as for the association’s professionals, who are extensively mobilized in order to ensure the continuity of our work.

In order to take care of sick people, our Health Center has reorganized its work, offering GP’s consultations as well as urgent dental care. We have also arranged an area dedicated to patients showing symptoms of flu.

Our teams are in daily phone contact with elderly and isolated persons, Holocaust survivors. They call them to make sure everything’s fine, offering therapeutic exercises via phone and organizing Meals-on-Wheels. They also offer a psychological support both for the elderly themselves as for their families and relatives.

Inside our facilities or at the patients’ homes, our teams are taking care of disabled children and adults, in some cases also using telework and organizing medical and paramedical consultations.

 The children placed under our care are being looked after by our educative teams inside our Children’s Homes, by the foster families working with us and by the teams of our different educative facilities.

Now more than ever, OSE’s professional teams are working to help and support the most fragile among us.


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