2020: 10th anniversary of Civic Service and 5 years of Civic Service in Israel organized by OSE.

The year 2020 marks an important double anniversary: ​​it is both the 10 years of Civic Service, created in 2010, but also and above all the 5 years of “Civic Service in Israel” that the OSE has been organizing every year since 2015, with the departure of several promotions each year.

An anniversary that we are proud to remember and to celebrate as the success of this program is proven and greeted by all. We welcome the growing enthusiasm of young people for their civic engagement and investment in solidarity missions, as well as their enthusiasm for discovering Israel and its culture.

During these 5 years, these are therefore:

> 206 young people who have taken to international volunteering missions, in 12 groups;

> 20 partner NGOs and kibbutz;

> 15 Israeli host cities;

> 4 areas of intervention – early childhood, education, disability or old age;

> 11 values ​​of the Civic Service Charter which unite all the participants in this project.


These 11 values ​​shared by all are:

> Diversity;

> Solidarity, equity and social ties;

> Evolution and the springboard;

> Development and enrichment;

> Respect, listening and sharing;

> Will and initiative;

> Memory and promotion;

> Universality, citizenship and pride;

> Visibility and self-determination;

> Reciprocity, mutual support and meaning;

> Commitment and trust.