Caregivers National Day : OSE strengthens its action year after year.

On the occasion of the 2019 edition of the Caregivers National Day, it is with pride that we recall our involvement in helping caregivers who deal with a neurodegenerative disease and / or disability of relatives.


>> In the field dependence :

In the field of dependence: for several years now, OSE has included specific assistance for caregivers in its care package, starting with the opening in 2013 of the Joseph-Weill Caregivers’ Club, which is based on our Day care center (and bearing the same name).

This action was enriched by the opening in 2015 of the Renée Ortin Caregivers’ Platform, backed by our Sarcelles Day care center.

These welcoming premises that offer resources and support are entirely dedicated to helping caregivers of people with neurodegenerative diseases. They offer complete support and special moments of respite.

Note that our action in favor of caregivers was rewarded in 2018 by the 1st prize “Coup de coeur issued by the collective “Je t’Aide”, for the action of the Joseph-Weill Caregivers Club.





>> In the field of disability :

Last born in our care service for caregivers, it is with pride that we launched in April 2019 a Disability Respite Platform, an innovative and unique center in the Paris region.

Coordinated by a social worker, the platform is entirely dedicated to helping caregivers of people with disabilities.

It aims to guide and support caregivers in their role, to help them maintain a social life of the disabled person and his caregiver.