OSE’s Scientific Council met on February 6th, 2019




The Scientific Council of OSE met on February 6th at the premises of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Chaired by Pr. Arnold Mingus, the Council includes 39 members among whom some of the most prestigious names of the French academic and scientific world, and has three functions:

> To help OSE have a strategic vision of its various activities, thanks to the support of the best experts,

> To lead its activity to a high-level reflection and on the academic field,

> To enable OSE to gain visibility in the scientific world, and among teachers and researchers.


The session began with the presentation of two books by former child survivors of the Buchenwald camp: “I was 15 years old: to live, survive, live again ” by Elie Buzyn, and “A childhood like no other” by David Perlmutter (watch the author’s testimony below)




Then, papers based on research in three different fields were presented by their authors:

> “The migration of Jewish children from Central Europe to France, 1938-1942” by Laura Hobson, historian and lecturer at the Sorbonne Nouvelle,

> “Visio-consultation and its implementation at the OSE” by Lise Haddouk, psychologist at the OSE and lecturer at the University of Rouen,

> “Contribution to the study of the notion of responsibility of social and medico-social institutions and services” by Camille Guedj, PhD student in public law at Panthéon Assas University.


In the wake of these presentations, there were lively exchanges with the members of the Scientific Council, allowing issues of individual and collective memory and ethics to be raised.

It was a very fruitful meeting, calling for a continuation of the work, in resonance with the practice and the daily experience of the OSE.