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Georges Loinger, major figure of OSE, the Jewish Resistance and the Jewish children rescue network, has left us

Georges Loinger passed away on December 28th 2019, at the age of 108.

Former resistant, Commander of the Legion of Honor, recipient of the Military Cross 1939-1945 and the Resistance Medal, Georges Loinger helped – within OSE starting from 1942 – hundreds of Jewish children cross the border to Switzerland.




After the Liberation, he played an important role in the Exodus epic in 1947 and was appointed a few years later, Director of ZIM, the Israeli Maritime Company.

Dean of the Jewish Resistance, Georges Loinger never stopped testifiying among the young generations during his whole life.

His lifework calls for our admiration ; it now belongs to us to perpetuate his legacy.

Georges Loinger’s disappearance has moved a large number of people around the world, as shown by the wide media coverage of his death, as much in the international press (Haaretz, Washington Post, New York Times) as in the national (including Le Monde, Le Figaro, Libération, La Croix) and regional daily press (Midi Libre, Dernières nouvelles d’Alsace, Provence, Ouest France).


OSE’s Scientific Council met on February 6th, 2019




The Scientific Council of OSE met on February 6th at the premises of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Chaired by Pr. Arnold Mingus, the Council includes 39 members among whom some of the most prestigious names of the French academic and scientific world, and has three functions:

> To help OSE have a strategic vision of its various activities, thanks to the support of the best experts,

> To lead its activity to a high-level reflection and on the academic field,

> To enable OSE to gain visibility in the scientific world, and among teachers and researchers.


The session began with the presentation of two books by former child survivors of the Buchenwald camp: “I was 15 years old: to live, survive, live again ” by Elie Buzyn, and “A childhood like no other” by David Perlmutter (watch the author’s testimony below)




Then, papers based on research in three different fields were presented by their authors:

> “The migration of Jewish children from Central Europe to France, 1938-1942” by Laura Hobson, historian and lecturer at the Sorbonne Nouvelle,

> “Visio-consultation and its implementation at the OSE” by Lise Haddouk, psychologist at the OSE and lecturer at the University of Rouen,

> “Contribution to the study of the notion of responsibility of social and medico-social institutions and services” by Camille Guedj, PhD student in public law at Panthéon Assas University.


In the wake of these presentations, there were lively exchanges with the members of the Scientific Council, allowing issues of individual and collective memory and ethics to be raised.

It was a very fruitful meeting, calling for a continuation of the work, in resonance with the practice and the daily experience of the OSE.


OSE, a partner and actor of the Forum “Generations of the Holocaust”, together for a living memorial




For the first time in France, a Forum was organized to bring together survivors of the Holocaust, hidden children, Resistance activists, Righteous among the Nations, and their descendants. It was held from 2nd to 4th of February 2019, at the Shoah Memorial in Paris and gathered no less than 600 participants and 57 associations related to the remembrance of the Holocaust, including OSE.

Nearly 20 workshops, including one led by Katy Hazan, historian of OSE, were proposed so that together the different generations of survivors discuss and reflect on the future of the remembrance of the Holocaust in the years to come.

During this event the participants had the opportunity to meet different associations on their various stands. OSE’s employees and volunteers answered questions about OSE’s history as well as the association’s most recent activities.

A day filled with very interesting exchanges and collective work. To be continued!






#Enough: the call for unity against antisemitism!




Political parties call for mobilization against Anti-Semitism: “Anti-Semitic acts have dramatically increased during the year 2018. That’s enough!

Antisemitism is not an opinion, but a crime.

It is once again an incitement to murder. Ilan Halimi, the children of the Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse, the victims of the HyperCacher store, Sarah Halimi, Mireille Knoll, all were murdered, sometimes tortured, because they were Jews. That’s enough!

We are all concerned. Anti-Semitism is not the business of the Jews. It is the business of the whole nation.

We bring different orientations to the public debate, but we have the Republic in common. And we will never accept the trivialization of hatred. That is why we called on all French people to gather in all cities of France to say together: NO, anti-Semitism has no place in France!” “

A large gathering was organized in Paris, Place de la République on February 19th 2019.




Five young Civic service volunteers received at the National Assembly!

At the invitation of Elise Fajgeles, MP and President of the France-Israel Friendship Group in the National Assembly, five former volunteers of the civic service in Israel were welcomed on February 13th for a breakfast at The National Assembly.

Jean-François Guthmann, President of OSE, and Patricia Sitruk, Director General of the association took part in this meeting.





On this occasion, Arsène, Noémie, Alexandre, Iris and Marlène, shared with MPs their feelings and experiences as volunteers in Israel, their discovery of the country, its society and its culture and their various assignments which had them work for several months in the fields of disability and early childhood.

The MPs all praised the young people and the quality of the system implemented by OSE, in close partnership with the Civic Service Agency.


It was a meeting bursting with various exchanges and testimonies, which saw the beginning of a network of former OSE volunteers in Israel!


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Civic Service in Israel: young volunteers hosted at the residence of the French ambassador in Tel-Aviv!



On the occasion of the trip to Israel of the Director General of the Civic Service Agency, Ludovic Abiven, a reception was held on January 10th, at the Residence of France, at the invitation of Hélène le Gal, Ambassador of France in Israel.

As a day-to-day partner of the Civic Service Agency, OSE was represented by its President, Jean-François Guthmann, and its Director General, Patricia Sitruk.

The young volunteers of the 9th and 10th promotions of OSE were also invited to this reception, as well as our various partners in Israel, including representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Social Affairs and the IVA (Israel Volunteer Association).



The 10th promotion arrived to Israel on January 6th, with 29 young volunteers from all over France. Mostly located in the Tel Aviv region, and also in Jerusalem, their missions are in the fields of childhood, elderly people and disability.

We wish them a successful and fruitful year, immersed in a different culture, which will show their commitment and willingness to support those who need it…



L’OSE innove avec PHARE, sa plateforme de répit pour les aidants des personnes en situation de handicap !

Ouverte depuis le lundi 1er avril 2019, PHARE – la Plateforme Handicap Répit des Aidants est la première du genre en région parisienne, destinée à un public sans condition d’âge ou de handicap, résidant à Paris ou en proche banlieue.

Suite à un Appel à manifestation d’intérêt lancé par l’ARS en juillet 2017, la candidature de l’OSE a été retenue pour la création d’une plateforme destinée à accompagner, orienter et soutenir l’ensemble des aidants de personnes en situation de handicap.





Coordonnée par un travailleur social, la plateforme a vocation à :

> proposer des prestations de répit,

> être un lieu de soutien et d’accompagnement juridique, administratif et financier,

> être un espace de soutien psychologique collectif et individuel

> être un lieu d’information et de formation

> être une structure de veille et de remontée des besoins des aidants sur le territoire est parisien.


Située à l’Unité Georges Lévy, 4 rue de Santerre dans le 12ème arrondissement, la plateforme est ouverte tous les jours de la semaine.


Pour plus d’informations : 

📞  01 48 87 91 30

📧 phare@ose-france.org