On June 7th, the Grand Humanitarian Prize was awarded to OSE under the Dome of the Institut de France

Yet another recognition by the highest French authorities of the quality of the work realized by OSE and its teams.

The OSE Association, its Elders and its teams were immensely proud to be awarded this prize on June 7th. OSE had been one of the successful candidates for the Louis D. Institut de France Grand Humanitarian Prize of 2017 after its selection process, passing both its written evaluation and an on-site evaluation/interview.

The Louis D. Foundation aims at supporting associations, foundations, or non-governmental organizations engaged in the areas of charity and culture, or with a focus on developing research.

On June 7th, a solemn opening ceremony was held under the Dome of the Institut de France, chaired by Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, French historian and member of the Académie Française. The award was then presented to OSE President Jean-François Guthmann by Robert Pitt, member of the Institut and legal representative of the Académie des sciences morales et politiques (Academy of Political and Moral Sciences).

OSE is sharing this award with two other associations. OSE was rewarded for its hard work/commitment and its ongoing research for excellency in the solutions it provides to the users of our facilities.

The work of OSE in its entierty, both past and present, in all of its fields of activities, was presented and rewarded at the Institut de France. Eight hundred professionals and 200 volunteers that work in five different fields of activity protection of children in danger, social medicine, elderly dependency, disabled persons, history and memory. With this award, the action of all OSE teams in its 35 establishments and services is honored and acknowledged.

This prize will help in the renovation and expansion project of the Georges and Lili Garel Center, which has been the OSE headquarters for more than 20 years, based in the heart of the lively, working-class neighborhood of Belleville. The building’s renovation, where cultures and generations cross, will allow for the improvement of the conditions for conditions for welcoming the OSE Elders, and a better support for the children and families that are welcomed there.

Inside those renovated facilities, OSE will go on fulfilling its charitable project, built on the Judaic value of humanism.