SCIENCE: OSE’s Scientific Council held its annual meeting

The annual meeting of the Scientific Council of the OSE, chaired by Prof. Arnold Migus, was held on February 2nd at the Imagine Institute, an innovative research and treatment center for genetics headed by Prof. Arnold Munnich. The Council is composed of more than 30 elite scientists in many fields, and this meeting provided the opportunity to introduce 4 new members in fields such as philosophy, IT, history and biology.

On the agenda for this annual meeting:

The presentation of an ambitious research program named “13-11”, in which OSE is a member of the Research Consortium, presented by historian Denis Peschanski as leader of the research teams: a 12-year-long study to analyze the construction and evolution of individual and collective memory after the attacks in Paris on November 13th, 2015;

The care for young adults with a rare combination of multiple disabilities, at the OSE Alain-Raoul-Mossé day-care center, in partnership with the teams of Prof. Arnold Munnich, a lead-expert in genetics, and member of the OSE Scientific council;

The presentation of the research behind the book written by OSE historian Katy Hazan and Psychologist Marion Feldman: “Jewish Children and Public Assistance”, to be published in April 2017;

– And finally a review of the first five years of existence of the Scientific Council of the OSE.

It is an honor for the OSE to have by our side these prominent personalities of the French scientific world.