OLD AGE: The first day care center for patients with dementia is made anew after 16 years

On March 8th, the Edith-Kremsdorf Day Care Center was newly inaugurated in its renovated premises. Opened in 2000, it was the first day care center for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in Paris. On Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27th, the Ambassador of Germany had paid a visit to the Survivors treated at the OSE center.

Jean-François Guthmann, President of the OSE and Patricia Sitruk, Director General, welcomed nearly 100 people to the renovated premises, including many partners from the City of Paris, the State Health authorities, and the Jewish community.

This renovation project was sponsored by Mrs Liliane Capelle, the former Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of the elderly, who played an active part in the adventure of the creation in the year 2000 of the first day-care center for patients with Alzheimer’s disease in Paris and in France: the Edith-Kremsdorf Center. In front of the guests, Liliane Capelle recalled the innovative aspect of this place at the time and keeps this experience in her memory as a highlight of her political career.

During the visit of the renovated premises, the elders who had not interrupted their morning activity for that much were delighted to testify of their pleasure to be together in their brand new center.

A few weeks prior, on Holocaust Remembrance and Crime Against Humanity Prevention Day on January 27th, the Ambassador of Germany had paid a visit to the many Survivors treated at this OSE center.