MEMORY: Opening of the exhibition “Save the Children 1938 – 1945” at the Rivesaltes Memorial Camp

The exhibition created by OSE is now shown at both major Memorial sites in Southern France: the Camp des Milles and the Camp de Rivesaltes. It is also permanently shown at the Ghetto Fighters’ Museum in Israel.

On March 21, 2017, the exhibition “Save the Children 1938-1945” produced by the OSE was opened at the Rivesaltes Memorial Camp. Jean-François Guthmann, President of the OSE, Patricia Sitruk, Director-General, and Katy Hazan, historian and curator of the exhibition, were present.

This exhibition recalls the decisive role of the OSE in the rescue of Jewish children in France from deportation during the World War II. Several of these children portrayed in the exhibition were interned at the Rivesaltes internment Camp. Ten portraits of children saved by OSE are presented in this exhibition. Visible throughout the year 2017, it is also the occasion to present the role of the OSE association today.

This exhibition is also shown at the Ghetto Fighter’s Museum in Israel.