Successful opening day for the Café des Psaumes in Lyon

After the successful expansion of this program throughout Western Paris and the suburbs with four “Seeds of Psalms”, the famous “Café des Psaumes” on rue des Rosiers has opened in the Greater Lyon area, in Southern France. This is a new chapter in the young and promising history of this social café, highly praised by its visitors and local authorities, and which has a tradition of serving primarily Jewish seniors. On Thursday 1 December, nearly a hundred people participated in the launch of the Café des Psaumes in Lyon.

This new Café des Psaumes Lyon-Métropole, based on the model and in the spirit of the one created 7 years ago in the rue des Rosiers, in the heart of the Jewish district of Paris, will become a central location for meetings and exchanges for the elderly people of the Jewish community of Lyon and the surrounding area.

Among the activities: conferences, meetings with writers, choir recitals, introduction to information technology, etc., offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 2.30 pm to 6 pm.

On the opening day, OSE historian Katy Hazan presented a conference on “the organization of the rescue of Jewish children in Lyon during the Second World War, through some of the great OSE figures of the time, such as Georges Garel, Charles Ledermann and Elisabeth Hirsch”.

Finally, Salomon Malmed, a witness and former child of OSE living in Lyon, told the crowd about his personal history and connection to OSE.

Long live the Café des Psaumes!