The Yad Vashem Memorial hosts a virtual exhibition on OSE’s children’s homes

The Yad Vashem Memorial in Israel is hosting a virtual exhibition, called “Children’s homes in France during the Holocaust” on its website. It shows three of OSE’s children’s homes, where Jewish children and youngsters were hidden during the Second World War.

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>>>To see the virtual exhibition

Historical photographs recount the history of the homes of Chamonix, Izieu and Chabannes.

OSE is very proud that Yad Vashem would choose to highlight the work of the men and women, Jews and non-Jews, who joined OSE’s and other institutions’ underground networks, to save Jewish children from deportation.

Today, OSE runs six children’s or teenagers’ homes. The placement of the children within the institution offers the child or teenager comprehensive care and support, so that they might be able to rebuild themselves.