Purim celebrations bring joy throughout OSE’s facilities

Several OSE centers celebrated Purim throughout the week of March 21 to 26.
Disabled workers of the Jules and Marcelle Levy Center for salaried disabled workers had crafted Purim gift baskets full of sweets and treats. They were sold at the OSE “Café des Psaumes”, on the well-know Paris Jewish neighborhood of rue des Rosiers and the headquarters of the OSE throughout the week, to the benefit of the workers.


The children of the Eliane-Assa home in Draveil disguised themselves with one meaningful motto, about teaching values of respect and fraternity: “all are equal when behind a mask”. OSE educators were thus taking part in a themed week within the National Education system: the Week of Actions against Racism and Anti-Semitism. Of course, the kids had a lot of fun watching the clown’s magic tricks, puppet show and marvelous makeup!

enfants draveil diapo


The group of young volunteers called “J’OSE, the youth with OSE” had organized a one-of-a-kind Purim party for their members: “tequila-meguila”. It started with the reading of the Book of Esther, you can guess how the party ended late in the night!

Holocaust survivors at the group therapy service celebrated Purim in style as well. A minute of silence in memory of the victims of the Brussels terrorist attacks preceded the reading of the Meguila. It all ended with traditional music, songs and cakes.

pourim EMH 4

Many more parties took place on that week at OSE. The Robert Job day care and activity center for handicapped adults hosted an all-dressed-up Purim party for clients and staff. The party started with the decoration of the facility and went on throughout the afternoon, in costumes for everyone!

pourim CAJ 4