Centenary Association and more than ever dynamic, OSE flies the values of solidarity, humanism, professionalism and memory.
Today, the association is expanding its commitment to children and health, and intensifies its efforts in the areas of disability, dependence and support to survivors of the Holocaust


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Thank you for your support.
By donating to OSE you are supporting one of the world’s oldest and most renowned Jewish associations and providing us with the means to act.
Your support enables us to continue our work helping many thousands of people in need. Every day, disadvantaged children, elderly or disabled people, and people with limited access to medical care turn to our services.

In 2015, OSE’s many activities include :
• Running a socio-educational center in the Parisian suburb of Creteil, providing teaching and counseling for disadvantaged children and their families.
• The creation of new daycare centers in the XVth district of Paris and the suburb of Sarcelles for elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
• Extending the concept of our Café des Psaumes – a welcoming and convivial venue in the historic Jewish quarter of Paris for people to meet and enjoy Jewish culture – to new venues in the capital
• Daily support for elderly people, Holocaust survivors and so-called hidden children via support groups and counseling that help them to grow old with dignity.

OSE is also strongly involved with important projects outside France:
• Supporting and giving professional training to a Jewish children home in Jitomir (Western Ukraine).
• Providing professional training to the staff of the Jewish communities and of the municipality of Saint Petersburg (Russia) in order to provide them with the necessary tools to give care to people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
• Presenting in Europe and the USA an exhibit on the rescue of Jewish children by OSE during WWII to keep the memory of the victims alive and for educational purposes towards the younger generations.
• Installing a permanent exhibit on the rescue of Jewish children by OSE during WWII, in the Museum of Lohamei HaGetaot in Israel.
• Proposing new programs to help the integration into the Israeli society of recent Jewish immigrants, both young and seniors citizen.

Thank you for your generosity!


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